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About Me

Article posted September 29, 2006 at 08:46 PM GMT0 • Reads 898

Hi my name is Riley. I’m eight years old. My favorite color is red. I have four people in my family. I have a mom a dad and a brother. He’s eleven years old. I have four best friends. I have one dog and seventeen fish.

We had one before the one we have now until our dad got rid of him. It was the last straw after our last dog bit one of my brother’s friends around the eye. It was only because he got too close to our dog when he was eating. After my dad got rid of him the shelter showed us pictures online like when he was lying down.

When I was two years old I just woke up from my nap my mom took me out of my crib. She put me on the ground I crawled to our hallway I was close to our kitchen door. We had a cat named Mickey then I saw him come around the corner through our dining and he came up and scratched me right in the face. I remember it hurt a lot but one day Mickey had to be put to sleep because he was really sick.

Article posted September 29, 2006 at 08:46 PM GMT0 • Reads 898

Ms. Bailey

Article posted October 5, 2006 at 08:49 PM GMT0 • Reads 170

This week Ms. Bailey got hurt. She got in a car accident. We sent her a card. Everybody signed it except for Keean he went to the dentist. On the card everybody said something like we hope you get well or we miss you. Our teacher said she might come back next week. I hope she comes back next week. She doesn`t have a subsitute that often. So it feels really different from when she`s here.

Article posted October 5, 2006 at 08:49 PM GMT0 • Reads 170

Whats hard in class

Article posted October 6, 2006 at 08:54 PM GMT0 • Reads 317

It’s hard to have two Riley’s in the class because when the teacher pulls out a name for jobs and says Riley. I think it’s me. But it `s usually me in the math contest. I think that she thinks it too. In second grade I always knew it was me when the teacher said Riley. But the world isn’t always fair. But it’s confusing very confusing. That’s why I try to make it so it isn’t confusing. Because at the starting of the year when I didn’t write my last initial it was always picked. If you have or had somebody in your class with the same name you’ll know how it feels and you’ll probably feel how I feel. So now it’s just like a guessing game and it’s not fun. I always wonder if the other Riley feels this way. I’m also wondering if you feel this way if you have somebody in your class that has the same name.

Article posted October 6, 2006 at 08:54 PM GMT0 • Reads 317

White Bees

Article posted October 11, 2006 at 08:46 PM GMT0 • Reads 171

One time when I was five there was a beehive in our front yard and it wasn’t a normal beehive, it was a white bees one. The hive was in a bush in our front yard. It was a white beehive, and those kinds of bees aren’t like the other ones. When I was five I noticed I told my mom every time I didn’t like to pass so my mom called the exterminator and he came to our house. When he came to our house he used one of his tools to suck the bees out of the beehive. When he got them out he showed us the queen bee. It was medium sized bee to me. My mom didn’t want to see it. There were a lot of other bees but they all looked the same. I thought they looked boring. Weeks after the exterminator left the hive started to fall apart and one day it was gone. I was wondering if the bees were going to die but I was hoping they wouldn’t die, I was just happy they were gone. After the beehive was gone I felt like nothing was happening exciting to me so after the bees were gone I felt sad for them some reason. It felt dull after they were gone just how you feel after you do something fun and it ends. After they were gone I was wondering if they made any honey and if they did how much. I was also wondering if any bees would take the white bees place if they did I wouldn’t feel so scared. I’d feel pretty happy because it wouldn’t be so dull at home because it would happen all over again. I’d get to see another queen bee. So some bees will have to go back in the bush. So if there’s going to be a next time I’m just hoping they’ll be normal yellow ones. Instead of different white ones. I’m also thinking if more come how big will the queen bee be. It’s probably going to matter how long they have been a bee colony but I think the other bees won’t look that big. So I’m guessing that most of the other queen bees in the world are bigger. So I’m not going to be surprised if another queen bee will be bigger. Do you also know about killer bees and that some bees can put their hives in holes. I know one way how to kill bees in the ground is to drown them out. By sticking a hose in their hive.

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Article posted October 25, 2006 at 08:55 PM GMT0 • Reads 168

This year Logan is in the same class as me. We both have the answers to unit7-12. I did it because well then I don’t have to do it next week. I don’t know why Logan did it though. I’m guessing that he has the same answer as me. It’s also good because all I have to do after I get back from Hawaii is the word search. Or they might already have it before we go. Logan doesn’t want me to tell the other people the answers I don’t know why I would even do that. I mean I did it and so did Logan. The other people shouldn’t get the answers. While we had to work even harder Logan and I have the most Spelling units done. Sometimes I help people that aren’t done with their spelling unit. One time I tried to help Bailey with his spelling unit. Then he said “No”, then Logan asked Bailey then Bailey said “Yes”.

Article posted October 25, 2006 at 08:55 PM GMT0 • Reads 168

Living Nightmare

Article posted October 31, 2006 at 08:54 PM GMT0 • Reads 240

Once there was a kid named John. He thought that he was the happiest kid in town. Until his great grandpa died. He didn’t like his great grandpa. His great grandpa didn’t like him. The night that his great grandpa died he started having nightmares. He had a nightmare that a green figure was following him. He always woke up in the middle of the night.

Whenever it was daytime he always heard voices from nowhere. He was getting bad grades because he wasn’t paying attention to the teacher. He got bad grades on tests. He told his parents, but they wouldn’t listen to him. His parents sent him to the school without giving him a thought. So his grades went down. He always heard voices.

On Friday John was in detention. When he walked home he saw something moving in the bushes. He got a better look. It disappeared. John thought that it was freaky. He started running home. He didn’t want to see that again. When he got home he was looking at the sky because he needed a breath. Then he saw something on the roof. It was the same thing that he was trying to get a look at. That night John didn’t want to go to sleep.

The next day John was sleepy because he didn’t go to sleep. He walked to school with his friend James. When they were there they saw something in the trees. John knew what it was. James wanted to stay but John wanted to run. John told James to run but he didn’t. So John ran. Then he heard a nothing. John knew he did the wrong thing. When he got to school he saw it on the school.

The next day he told his dad again. He didn’t listen to him. He kept on telling him then his dad took to the police station. They got somebody to ask him questions. He kept on wondering why he was there. He even asked but the person that was asking him said” Wait.” When he was finished he asked, but then he said “No.”

When they left they saw the green blur again he thought that it would have been clear but it wasn’t. Then his dad told him to go get the police but he didn’t want to leave his dad. But he did then he heard a blood-shrilling scream. He knew what happened again. His mom saw the news. When John got home his mom was crying. He knew she saw the news.

Everyday the green blur was where he was. He was so mad at it. One day in the middle of the school day he yelled. He went to the principal’s office. He told the principal but he wasn’t listening to him. Every single day it was there. When he turned around it was there. When he looked up it was there. When he looked down it was there.

One day he told it that it had to leave. The blur started to talk to him. It told him that it wouldn’t have to leave him. It said that it would always be they’re every second. The next day he saw it there. John tried to hurt the blur but his hand went straight through it.

That night his mom was acting weird and she didn’t sound like herself. He knew what it was. His mom was being possessed by the blur. He knew why it would be able to touch and feel John. He knew it wanted to hurt him like he wanted to hurt it. He knew that it wanted to hurt him. But there was one thing he was wondering. He was wondering how the blur killed his friend and his dad. So he asked the blur how. The blur said it possessed them and choked them. He knew that it was going to kill his mom. He also knew that it wanted to kill him but it didn’t.

The next day he found his mom not breathing on the floor. He looked up, down, left, then right but the blur wasn’t there. He called the police they knew just what to do. They sent somebody over there right away. The person found the ghost and didn’t know what to do. Then the blur killed him. So he called the police again then they knew what to do. They sent over somebody. The person they sent over called the dead. They asked why the blur was following them. One of the spirits said that they were mad at John. John knew what the spirit was talking about. It was his great grandpa. It was the spirit of his great grandpa. They asked how the spirit wouldn’t follow them. The spirit said nothing. Then the lights went off and the other man was on the ground dead. John went to the police station and they told him to stay there. That night one of the guards came in and they were possessed. The blur was in him and in the morning John was found he had hypothermia. They thought that he was dead but he wasn’t. They buried him in a graveyard. He didn’t have any air in there, but then there were holes in it. The moles in the graveyard made a hole in the coffin. It provided him with more air. The moles made a hole but he made a bigger hole then that night he finally got out.

Article posted October 31, 2006 at 08:54 PM GMT0 • Reads 240

Report cards

Article posted November 15, 2006 at 08:35 PM GMT0 • Reads 170

I really like report cards. I like them because you get to see how you’re doing in school. I always start by looking at math. I also hope that next report card I get is better.

The best report card that I got started out with fours. Even though you’re not supposed to start out with them. It was in the second grade.

I think everybody needs a report card because you wouldn’t be able to see what you need to improve on. Also because if you don’t get one who will know if you skip school and if you’re doing well in school. You can also compare it with somebody in your family when they were your age. All you need to do is find it.

Article posted November 15, 2006 at 08:35 PM GMT0 • Reads 170

Turkey Time

Article posted November 21, 2006 at 08:38 PM GMT0 • Reads 205

Hi I’m Perky Turkey, my arch enemy is Jerky Turkey. I’m a seven-year-old turkey. I was named Perky Turkey because my parents aren’t good on names. They like rhyming too.

One day I was walking through the forest and somebody captured me. I was walking on my normal turkey walk and I wasn’t too smart because I forgot that it was Thanksgiving. No wonder I wrote DON’T FORGET! On my feather I thought I should have written the rest of my sentence on the next feather. Oh well it was nighttime.

Anyway I was captured, oh no. I started talking to myself because what would I do play rock paper scissors with myself because that’s crazy. When we arrived at their house I started panicking because I finished the conversation with myself.

I overheard them talking about when I was going to be baked. Then I started panicking even more. Until I noticed that I was in a wooden stall. I started pecking at the wood frantically. Must get through wood. Then OW! I got a woodchip in my eye. I started trying to see where I was pecking. I started pecking at the wood frantically. Finally. HA! Take that, wood. I started thinking RUN! Then I started running away. I started running in circles. Then again I started to run.

Article posted November 21, 2006 at 08:38 PM GMT0 • Reads 205


Article posted November 27, 2006 at 09:05 PM GMT0 • Reads 170

This Thanksgiving I stayed home. My grandma, grandpa and my aunt Diane came to our house on Thanksgiving. Before we ate I was downstairs with my brother. Our dad told us when lunch was ready. We had to eat before my mom left for work. My brother said that we were also going to have Thanksgiving dinner.

After we ate we played a game that our aunt Diane got. It was a price guessing game. I can’t remember what it was called but my grandma watched the show a lot. My aunt Diane was the first winner. She beat my dad. I think my brother won the second game that we played. I saw somebody win before I went downstairs again. My aunt Diane was the last to leave. I think she left at 6:17 PM. I know it was after we ate dinner.

Article posted November 27, 2006 at 09:05 PM GMT0 • Reads 170

It's a Doggy Doggy Christmas

Article posted December 13, 2006 at 08:35 PM GMT0 • Reads 204

Once upon a time there was a boy called Tom. He wanted an Atari for Christmas but on Christmas Eve he peeked at what is parents got him. He saw that there were dogs in there. He didn’t want to make it look like he peeked so he put the top on perfectly.

On Christmas Tom opened the present with the dogs in it. First he acted surprised. He thought his parents didn’t suspect a thing. Tom didn’t have any siblings so that when his parents weren’t there he tried to sell them. One day he finally got rid of them.

When the person that bought them got to his house he tried to teach them tricks. But he couldn’t get them to. One day the dogs got out. They tried to look for any place familiar to them but they didn’t find anything. They finally found a place that looked a little familiar. They had to keep their eyes peeled for anything that looked familiar to them.

Back where they escaped the owner set out food. It was because it might have lured them back there. But there was nothing that came back.

Back where the dogs were they found a trail back to the original house. But it was through the forest. They had to find their way back before midnight. They also had to not get lost going with scent. While the dogs were going through the forest they found another scent. They kept on going until one of the dogs just wandered off. The other dogs didn’t know that one of the dogs was wandering off. That was the one that didn’t like humans. The other dogs didn’t even care if the other dog wandered off.

Back where Tom was his parents got home and his parents were wondering where the dogs were. Tom said he left them outside. He told his parents “ I uh… Left them outside”. Then he thought, “Yes”.

Back where the dogs were they counted how many dogs there were. When they saw that there were five they just didn’t care. They just kept on going they finally got out of the forest and found the house.

In a cave in the forest there was a bear. The bear saw the little dog walking by. He came out then he said, “Well what do we have here”. Back where the smart dogs were they got in the backyard. They started clawing at the door. Then one of the parents opened the door and let them in. They were wondering what had happened to them.

Article posted December 13, 2006 at 08:35 PM GMT0 • Reads 204

Hockey is a sport

Article posted December 25, 2006 at 06:31 AM GMT0 • Reads 301

On Friday I went to a hockey game and it was cool! It was cool because of the fights. There were two fights and in one of the fights everybody was fighting. I saw why Canadians like the sport. They would let them fight then they would stop them if one of their heads were about to hit the ice. It was probably because they were going to do more damage to the other person’s head. The fight where everybody was fighting they couldn’t fit all of the players in the penalty box. So they just let them sit down on the bench. It is one of my favorite sports but not because of the fighting. That is the second reason why I like it. The number one reason is because it’s a very fun sport and you have to be in really good condition to play.

Article posted December 25, 2006 at 06:31 AM GMT0 • Reads 301

Five Things People Don't Know About Me

Article posted January 3, 2007 at 09:07 PM GMT0 • Reads 197

1. I don’t reveal my palms to anybody ever. I don’t know why it’s just a habit.

2. I don’t like the sun. I don’t like the sun because if I store to much I start to black out.

3. Like a reptile I gain heat for when it is cold. This is why I wear a sweatshirt so much.

4. I almost never say “no” to anybody that asks me to do something in school. It’s just another habit.

5. I have a huge habit of carrying around a pencil. I’ve had a pencil at my brothers steel drum concert Hawaii. I’ve carried around a pencil about everywhere I go.

Tags: Amanda, Jackie, Jesse, Destiny, and Margo.

Article posted January 3, 2007 at 09:07 PM GMT0 • Reads 197

The Power Outage and the Flood

Article posted January 8, 2007 at 08:51 PM GMT0 • Reads 215

On the day or days of the power outage I was at my grandma’s house. I went there with my brother. We only visited our house on the days of the power outage. My mom could have come with us but she wanted to stay with my dad. Because my dad wanted to see the power go on.

I saw the power go out because I woke up at night on accident. I looked at my clock and it just went blank. I thought that its cord just fell out so that’s why I went back to sleep. Then I woke up again and it was dark in our house. My dad and my brother were in the hallway and they had two lanterns. Then my dad told me to go back to sleep. Then I went back to sleep again.

When I woke up again it was a little light. I could still see though. I woke up because I heard the radio. It wasn’t my alarm clock because of the power outage. Which I didn’t know about at that time my dad was listening to the radio. I asked him why he was listening to the radio. He told me that the power went out. It was pretty easy to believe because we were having all of that crummy weather. So I really didn’t ask him a question about it. My brother and I really didn’t have a lot to do so we went to our grandma’s house because they had power so we could do more.

The crummy thing about the power outage was that at our house the day before the power outage our house was flooded. Our mom kept on nagging us to do it her way but if we would have done it my way and my brothers way we wouldn’t have to have gotten a new carpet. That’s right, it was coming through three ways. Our guest bedroom, our doors, and under our fireplace, it was horrible.

We were shoveling out the water like crazy. Outside my mom thought that we could beat the rain. Then she told us to shut the doors. That was one of my ideas. Then at the very end my mom said that we would have to scoop it out from outside, my other idea. That was when my dad got home. My brother had an idea it was in our front yard too. We have a little drain out there and my brother’s idea was to take off the drain top. My brother suggested that because it would flow better. Then five minutes later our mom told my brother to take off the drain top. We would have just gotten rid of it if we did it my brother’s way and my way, but no. So that’s why I want to have a house that’s above ground level.

Article posted January 8, 2007 at 08:51 PM GMT0 • Reads 215

Dangerous Sledding

Article posted January 19, 2007 at 08:48 PM GMT0 • Reads 183

On Tuesday my brother and I made little hills in our driveway. We used our sled for the little hills. We used a lot of different ways to sled down. We tested it out first. I was the one that tested it out. I really liked that job, it was pretty fun. It was really fun, because I got to test it out first. The first way that we did it was the normal way standing on the sled. We used it a lot and it worked out pretty well. We didn’t try to do the hills until my brother started out making a tiny hill. Then I did it. His was better for going off, but mine was really packed. While my brother and I were sledding solo the other tried to nail the one on the head with a snowball. My brother got a close shot on my head and then it knocked me off balance then I flew off. That was why I stopped doing the snowboard way.

The dangerous part of this was we got to blow off the others head with a snowball. It also had to be accurate to hit the other on the head because your head did move with your body. That’s why it was hard to nail the other in the head. But it was good for your accuracy. We always tried to knock the other off the sled. At the start my brother pushed me off the sled. He even shoved me with his foot so that I would go off course and then hit the rocks. But that was why I have a hard head I get it hit a lot. When we had the jumps it just got pretty dangerous. I packed mine so hard that I could break my neck if I went fast enough. We even put slush on them to make them smoother.

I messed up a lot and most of the time my brother caused it. He threw snowballs at me and pushed me off. So he caused a lot of it to happen to me. I was also hurt by my

Brother’s hill. It could make me go up in the air a lot. It really hurt when you hit the ground. It was because the snow after it was a thin layer so it didn’t help that much. I was working on mine a lot so my brother couldn’t go off it that much. He nailed me in the head for that. I hated it. He said that I couldn’t go off his until he could go off mine. I hated it.

After that we thought of some other ways to sled down it. One of them was to just lie down and do it. But it didn’t work out because we needed to stop ourselves. So we advanced through another age. The next age was to try to steer while we were sitting down. But that age was over finally we went back to the snowboard way. We could actually steer. That way it actually was good. So we stayed with that. We could also use that way off the little jumps. If we didn’t care about our safety, which we didn’t, so we kept on doing it. I thought that it was really fun doing it that way. When the snow was almost all gone one day my brother went off a little jump just for laughs. He was skidding on the ground he actually made it off the ground a little also it was pretty funny.

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Article posted January 26, 2007 at 09:01 PM GMT0 • Reads 185

Check this out.

Wizard Animation

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Article posted February 1, 2007 at 08:32 PM GMT0 • Reads 329

My Uncle Tom was open minded and for that he got good grades in writing. I’ve been reading his journal and I’ve seen his grades. His grades were really good. I don’t know much about him though. But the only thing that I know about him is that he was really smart. Also that he was a very messy writer. It’s really hard to read his writing, it looked like he tried to make it cursive.

I found out that was when he was seventeen. Which it also told me why he tried to make it cursive. It looked like he did his best on it. So that was probably the only thing that counted. But I could read his writing pretty well. I also thought that it was cool because it was a challenge trying to read it.

There is a lot that he did. Logan’s mom knew who he was. She thought that he was pretty cool. I also thought that he was cool too. He sounds cool because I’m a lot like him. We both were into sports. We’re both fast and we’re also smart. Also other people can’t read our writing. But I don’t care. He was also a great swimmer but I’m not.

There aren’t a lot of things that I know about him. The very last thing that he did was drown at Alki beach. He was on a boat and he wasn’t wearing a life jacket. The tide hit the boat and then he fell out and drowned. He was only seventeen when he died. We don’t have many things to remember him but I still admire him. He sounded cool.

But now I wonder about a lot of stuff about what he did. What his favorite subject was. Also what sport was his favorite sport? It might have been soccer. The only reason I’m typing that is because he wrote about soccer in his journal. So that’s why I think that. The thing that I like to read is this poem by where his picture was. Also there is like this thing that you put on a graduate hat.

Article posted February 1, 2007 at 08:32 PM GMT0 • Reads 329

Bookmark Begone

Article posted February 13, 2007 at 08:55 PM GMT0 • Reads 264

Once there was a girl named Nicole. She was a very artistic person. She liked to draw animals. She made different animals on bookmarks. There were four different categories: bears, bunnies, foxes, and birds. Her favorite were birds. Even though there weren’t many. The one thing that she couldn’t do was get rid of them. Maybe once or twice she could get rid of them but she couldn’t get rid of them a lot. She made bunny sports with bunnies doing sports. But that didn’t work at all. So just one by one there were more.

The story starts in a classroom. Nicole was making more bookmarks like usual. Like she always did in her free time. She was making an owl bookmark. Those were her favorite kind. She had already made a lot of bunny bookmarks so she wasn’t making any of those anymore. But the thing that was different about the bunny bookmarks was that they had personalities. Each one was very different from the other. Because it was February eighth she knew how to get rid of them. She would use them as valentines for Valentine’s Day.

It was five days later and Nicole kind of didn’t care about what day it was going to be in one day. She was just making even more bookmarks. But these were different personalities. They were very different personalities especially the sports from the normal ones. Nicole had nineteen bookmarks. She needed two more bookmarks so she could hand them out. She could make them all in one day. She was confident about finishing them in one day.

The next day it was Valentine’s Day. She had all of the bookmarks. So she passed them out when it was time. She had all twenty. She was unstoppable. Until she noticed that she didn’t have her own now. Oh well she could make another one. “I mean it’s just a bookmark. You can make one easy. All you need is paper, a pencil, and scissors.”

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Article posted February 28, 2007 at 08:46 PM GMT0 • Reads 432

I like multiplication a lot. It is pretty challenging and I like challenges a lot. They are really fun. It is pretty hard at the start but it gets pretty easy if you start in pre-school. I only start in front of time because my brother tells me what say square root or cube root and I just work on it. So I’ve gotten it down pretty well. There is another way to get it faster just by working on it at home by getting a grade book so it is pretty easy.

I’d say that the hardest ones would be x5 x7 because they are odd numbers. So that might make it a little harder than doing it with even numbers. Except there is one number that is the easiest and the number is odd it is one. That is because it always comes out as the other number.

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Article posted February 28, 2007 at 08:54 PM GMT0 • Reads 223

Ninja were technically Japanese, right?


Article posted February 28, 2007 at 08:54 PM GMT0 • Reads 223

Science Fair

Article posted March 15, 2007 at 09:01 PM GMT0 • Reads 242

Today it is going to be the Science Fair. This day is also really special because it is also my mom’s birthday. I did the Science Fair Project with Logan. We did fossils for it. My grandpa also supplied some fossils for it. One of the fossils that he let us borrow has two clams in it. I think that it is pretty cool. We separated our parts. Logan has the right and I have the left. I got some pictures off the Internet and Logan got his whole thing off the Internet. I got the fossils in Republic, Washington. We had to chip them off the cliff with some tools. I found a Magnesium Deposit and some Cocoa Flowers.

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C & D's

Article posted March 20, 2007 at 01:57 AM GMT0 • Reads 339

Cats and dogs can work together.

click here

Article posted March 20, 2007 at 01:57 AM GMT0 • Reads 339

Blogs I Like

Article posted March 21, 2007 at 09:03 PM GMT0 • Reads 571

[LINK]" target="_blank">[LINK]">Nicole from Sandaig Primary School has some poems and some stories. I like her poem about dolphins, it is the longest one and it is pretty well thought out. But the story that I like the most is the one that tells why she wants to go to Egypt. It’s one long paragraph. Also it has one of the reasons why I would want to go to Egypt, the pyramids.

Emerson S. From Tom Sheehan’s class has a nice picture of Stewie Griphon from “Family Guy”. He also has some other picture of Tweetie and a guitar but he also has a lot of stories about Pokemon, those are also good. I also like his story “Dragon Tooth”.

Also [LINK]" target="_blank">[LINK]">M.V. from Blogical Minds has a good blog. He is right that if a school gets vending machines there should be healthy food in it instead of junk food. Isn’t there a law that bans bad food from schools? Oh well if there isn’t there should.

P.S. I’m a boy.

Article posted March 21, 2007 at 09:03 PM GMT0 • Reads 571

Spring Break

Article posted April 5, 2007 at 08:48 PM GMT0 • Reads 283

For the first day of Spring Break I am going to go to Oregon. We’re going to drive there in my dad’s white truck. The drive there is usually boring but getting to the other place is always a treat. Most likely on our long truck ride I will try to do the puzzle. It is something that you can do in a long truck ride right? Whenever we get to Oregon we always go straight to our cousin’s house.

When we get to the front of their yard we are greeted by Buddy, their dog. He is just a little hairball. It’s like 75% of him is blond hair. I even asked my aunt how she liked a little hairball walking around in her house. The answer was like she didn’t care about it too much. I was wondering how much he sheds in the summer. Most likely he sheds a lot. If you saw how much hair he has you would agree because he has a lot of hair. I forget if they have cats too. I think that they do. I forgot how Buddy’s reaction was against them. Most likely he doesn’t care because they have two and I don’t think that I’ve ever seen him attack one of them. They used to have small kittens but they most likely got rid of them by now.

The most fun thing to do is watch my cousin play Diablo and play it myself. I’ve seen him beat the game before it was really cool. It is one of my favorite PC games. But it probably isn’t one of his favorite games anymore. But he can probably help me with my character, which is really good. He’s really helpful when it comes to PC games so if I’m might be stuck on something he can help me a lot but sometimes it is fun solving things on your own like puzzles. Most likely everybody knows what PC means. It means personal computer, which is on a lot of cheat code places that are really good. I also like to talk to that cousin a lot because it is really fun. I don’t know why but I think that it is really fun talking to older people as in teenagers. My mom thinks that it is pretty unusual for somebody my age to like to talk to older people. I’m just putting this last sentence in so I have more than four hundred words in this story.

Article posted April 5, 2007 at 08:48 PM GMT0 • Reads 283

Earth Day

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When I think of the word Earth Day I think of the land and the ocean. The land is white and green. The ocean you know what color it would be. I also see the things on the earth like volcanoes exploding and lava coming out. The lava is red and black. Don’t blame me that I’m a pyro maniac. I also see the mountains of the world.

I don’t know why I see animals though. It probably has to do something like save the animals. But I only see turtles which is creepy don’t you agree. I’m pretty sure that they aren’t endangered. Or are they? They probably aren’t but I wonder why I see them when I think of the word Earth Day.

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I wasn’t surprised that the WASL was really easy. It was just like Ms. Salter’s reading class, which is fun. I expected it to be easy but it was really easy. The math packet is probably going to be just as easy. It doesn’t sound to hard though. I wonder if it will be easy or not, I’m going with it will be easy.

The 2nd part of the WASL wasn’t too bad, it was as easy as the other one. Which is easy. It’s just that I forgot what the word “caption” meant. But it was still easy. I wonder what my score will be and what the math WASL will be like it sounds easy. I wonder if it will be like normal math that you just have to answer problems or there might be the ones where you explain how you got the answer and a lot of them.

My brother told me about the WASL. He said that it wasn’t that hard and that it was easy. He was right. But he was probably thinking about the 3rd grade WASL. It probably gets harder as you get older, maybe, just maybe. My brother is in the 7th grade and he says that the WASL is easy, it probably will be easy.

The Math WASL is easy. About everybody finished it in about twenty minutes. I thought that it was pretty early for people to finish it I think I was first, I don’t know. But I wasn’t surprised that it was easy. It was just like drawing an owl as a doodle. I don’t have good figures of speech. But some of the easiest questions were at the end. They were the questions that you tell time with normal clocks. It gets easy if you started when you were in Kindergarten. I was always told to tell the time to some of my classmates in the 1st grade.

The second part of the Math WASL was easier than the 1st part to of it. The fun thing is that we can doodle all we want after we finish the section of that part of the WASL. I always draw animals like rabbits or owls. I like to draw owls and especially rabbits because you can give them personalities. But during the WASL I don’t ever give them personalities. You might wonder why but it is because I don’t care if it is just a normal doodle. A lot of people like to doodle during the WASL and I like to but I don’t like to waste the paper. A lot of people waste paper by only using one side of the paper, which I think is bad, they should recycle. I only use one piece of paper because I usually don’t have many ideas. I only drew animal heads once.

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Chapter 1 (draft)

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This is family court. We always do this if we want an animal. We were voting for a dog. It was three to four my dad lost. We all wanted a dog except for our dad. He didn’t ever want a dog. He doesn’t like them if they are too big or too small. He didn’t want it big or else it would get food off the table or too small so we would step on it.

When we finally got to agree to get a dog my dad thought about it again. I wonder why he said yes. It was either because he didn’t want to do family court, or he just wanted us to be happy. I think that it was the second one. He usually does that.

The only reason that we were going to get another dog was because we didn’t have another dog. We lost our first dog because he always dug in the ground. He also dug under our fence. But the main reason was because the dog bit somebody around the eye. His name was Max. He was a big black lab.

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Good Things About Having A Blog

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I think that it is good to have a blog because you can write and people will comment you on your writing. That way you get encouraged to write more. You can get comments from places like Australia, places around America, China, and etc. Also if people comment you they might have links to their blog so you can read their blogs.

Another thing that is good thing about having a blog is you can use your creativity and make fantasy stories. It might be fun for some people and it might be fun for some people to make non-fiction. I personally like non-fiction.

The third reason is that having a blog in your class means that you can write a lot of stuff on your blog and a lot of people might think that it is fun to write online instead of writing in a composition book. In our class people think that it is cooler to write online instead of writing in a composition book.

The biggest reason for having a blog is because it is a lot of fun. A lot of people think that it is fun and our class hopes that we can persuade our teachers next year to let us have blogs. I also hope that I could be a part of the Rm. 12 Alumni so that next year we will still be able to write on a blog.

The age that you should be to type is a grade that you are actually able to type well. Or when you learn how you are supposed to put your hands on the keys. Then while you are writing stories like that you will be learning how do type faster that way and not just type how some people type with only two fingers.

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A Fantasy Story

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There was an alligator that didn’t like the banjo. He lived on a ranch in Africa. It also lived with a chimpanzee. The chimpanzee played the banjo at night. The alligator didn’t like to hear the chimpanzee play the banjo but every night a kangaroo would come by and listen to the chimpanzee play the banjo.

The chimpanzee hated the alligator because he didn't like his banjo music, or any banjo music as a matter of fact but it still hated the alligator. The alligator also hated the kangaroos or the kangaroos because they liked banjo music. One day when it was raining and the chimpanzee was playing his banjo the kangaroos didn't come. That night the alligator ate the banjo. The next day the alligator was really sick. (It must have been the banjo).

After a week the alligator was O.K. The only reason why he was O.K. was because the kangaroos pampered him until he was O.K. Then the alligator liked the kangaroos. But he still didn't like the banjo playing chimpanzee. He still did hate the banjo. They thought that the alligator might have gotten used to the music. After the alligator was O.K. the chimpanzee got another banjo. The alligator did not want to eat the banjo again. The alligator thought that it might have been worse if it ate it again, that is why it didn't want to eat it again.

After a year the alligator finally got used to the banjo. After a few months after it wasn't sick anymore it ate the banjo again. It got really sick then. It almost died because it was so ill.

I made this story in about 20 minutes :).

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